Baby boy

Bimbo serafino corto barche

€ 17,00

Bimbo serafino orlato corto moto

€ 18,00

Bimbo serafino orlato corto wild

€ 19,00

Bimbo serafino orlato corto pirata

€ 23,00

Bimbo serafino orl corto car

€ 24,00

Bimbo serafino orlato corto bike

€ 19,00

Bimbo serafino orl corto scimmia

€ 25,00

Bimbo serafino bordato shark

€ 24,00

Bimbo serafino bordato rugby

€ 22,00

Bimbo serafino orlato london

€ 21,00

Bimbo serafino bordato

€ 24,00

Bimbo serafino bordato anchor

€ 22,00

Tell me what pajamas you're in and I'll tell you what kid you are!

Give space to the imagination and discover the entire collection of colors and prints designed for children.
Bip Bip Pigiami has created models of pajamas for babies, boys and girls by selecting fabrics of the highest quality, selecting unique colors and patterns from refined designs. All models of the line Bimbi are designed to give maximum comfort and practicality for all ages.
Our selection of nightwear for infants is designed to have a comfortable fit during sleep and play.
During naptime, give your baby maximum comfort with pajamas from the new Bip Bip collection. Choose from long or short sleeve pajamas in cool or warm cotton and natural fabrics. Make bedtime the best time of day!
Bip Bip pajamas for babies are also ideal for spending the day in comfort at home and for playing in total freedom of movement. All creations are made of 100% cotton with different weights and in warm flannel.
Striped patterns, checks, designs with animals and many other prints are waiting for you on our online shop Bip Bip. You will find many pajamas made with non-toxic fabrics and colors tested to ensure maximum safety on the skin of your children.