Pigiama oversize in caldo cotone

€ 67,00

Bip Bip makes nightwear for comfortable sizes, plus sizes and oversize!

Don't miss the pajamas for your nights! Bip Bip proposes the oversize line of its men's pajamas and nightshirts, with sizes from 3xl to 7 xl, to meet the needs of all those who seek a comfortable and functional garment, without sacrificing elegance and fashion trends. Every season we produce a rich collection of models designed for you who are looking for large and very large sizes. Our nightwear are very loose and long, in pure cotton and in various patterns.
Remember: it is essential to be able to count on a quality sleep, and for a quality sleep you need a quality pajamas. We spend a third of our lives sleeping and we need to pay attention to what we wear when we sleep.
Precisely for this reason, the oversize collection Bip Bip offers models designed to best accommodate the fit of soft lines, with extremely comfortable and practical garments, characterized by a strong attention to style and a large choice of large sizes.
Finally, the quality of fabrics and finishes guarantees resistance to the product that maintains shape, softness and elasticity over time.
In our catalog you can find an assortment of pajamas for men and women suitable for comfortable sizes, chosen to combine practicality and aesthetics in every season.