Tutone sanitario unisex con cerniera

€ 39,00

Medical Socks relaxing

€ 18,00

Sanity line: the sanitary line of pyjamas and overalls for the elderly and hospital stays

Discover the whole range of products designed for the elderly and for the hospital stay. You will find comfortable cotton robes, suits with zippers to facilitate the cleaning and changing underwear, suits with buttons that are easy to open and practical to change, socks to prevent thrombosis and venous stasis and also products to better sleep as our ergonomic pillow to correct posture and sleep without discomfort to the lumbar section.
In our sanity line garments are made thinking about the needs of those who unfortunately must spend a lot of time in the hospital and then look for products that are comfortable, quick to wash and durable.
The pajamas, jumpsuits and socks of the sanitary line are certified fabric with hypoallergenic cotton and fiber more resistant.
The pyjamas of the sanitary line are made for those who have mobility problems and need suits and nightgowns practical and easily removable for changes and cleaning, such as during hospitalization or long periods in bed without the ability to move. The garments Bip Bip of the Sanity line are recommended for those who have problems of incontinence and / or intolerance of clothing, has some kind of problem as Alzheimer's, dementia or mental disability, to facilitate the task of operators in the change of aids. Ensures the wearer comfort and aesthetic decorum.
Also in this section of our site you can find various types of garments with very large sizes and also suitable for those who exceed XL. In fact, Bip Bip proposes its own men's pyjamas and nightshirts, with sizes from 3xl to 7xl, to meet the needs of all those who seek a comfortable and functional garment, without sacrificing elegance and fashion trends.
The quality of fabrics and finishes ensures resistance to the product that maintains shape, softness and elasticity over time.