Pigiama donna rigato in popeline di cotone

€ 104,00

Caldo pigiama donna

€ 39,00

Caldo pigiama donna

€ 27,00

Pigiama Cardigan Donna Orlato Invernale Con Collo

€ 70,00

Gift Box

€ 4,90

Camicia da notte donna

€ 71,00

Abito donna

€ 77,00

Discover the timeless elegance of women's and girls'pajamas, robes and nightgowns by Bip Bip.

Classic pajamas with feminine, clean lines and innovative patterns. All our garments are made with high quality materials and care.
Don't know what to wear at night before bed? Wear our pajamas short, long and in fine fabrics comfortable and elegant. Choose from Egyptian cotton, linen and silk and many other all-natural materials.
The nightwear of Bip Bip is 100% Made in Italy and of first quality: we care to create pajamas that are comfortable and soft on your skin and accompany pleasantly your sleep.
The hours dedicated to sleep are serious and we at Bip Bip care about your dreams!
Daydream and get inspired by the variety of patterns and collections on our online shop. Not sure what to get your friend for her birthday? You do not know what to give to the mother-in-law always unsatisfied? Choose one of our pajamas and pack it with our precious gift box. So you can make a special and unique gift without the possibility of comments!
Discover underwear and pajamas to enhance femininity. Bip Bip nightwear is designed to combine comfort and style, allowing you to enhance the femininity of women's bodies. The pyjamas, nightgowns and robes Bip Bip for women are made to be chic and to live moments of relaxation even outside of your bed. All creations can be worn during the day: at home to remain comfortable and out of the house to have a distinct and fresh look with maybe a pair of colorful sneakers and a shoulder bag.
Some pajamas are deliberately designed and created to have a masculine line: they have the classic lines of men's pajamas with jacket and pocket and cigarette pants. Other pajamas have a softer structure and deliberately closer to the silhouette of the female body enhancing the practicality of use between the sheets. The materials are soft, quality and with cheerful and youthful colors.
Seasonally arrives the new collection of intimate creations: discover the collections Bonjour and Bonne Nuit and Pier Mori's designed by Cristina Novati, creator and creative director of the brand Bip Bip.
The whole collection of pyjamas, nightgowns and robes in cotton has been produced for more than 50 years by Novati's family in Besnate in the province of Varese, Italy.