Tutone sanitario unisex con cerniera

€ 39,00

Sanitary pyjamas for men and women and sleepsuits for the elderly Sanity line

The Sanitary line called Sanity is designed to meet the needs of people with sensitive skin, easily irritated and therefore looking for pyjamas with hypoallergenic and dermocompatible materials. Bip Bip sanitary pyjamas are for women and men, elderly people who are not self-sufficient and people in nursing homes, who are forced to stay in hospitals or for post-surgery patients or who simply have mobility problems.
All Bip Bip Sanity pyjamas are easy to change and quick to clean: with a belly-length back zip so that you can intervene without having to remove the garment, comfortable and easy to put on but impossible to take off for the wearer.
The Sanity line for men and women is distinguished by its hypoallergenic and tested fabric and the strongest fibre.
The sanitary line of pyjamas consists of pyjamas open in front with buttons and suits with specific zip opening with reinforcement according to the type of operation or mobility problem.
The sanitary overalls are ideal for mobility and incontinence problems. The zip of the men's pyjamas is designed to allow the opening of the garment to inspect the pelvic area without undressing the subject. The double back zip makes it an ideal sanitary sleepsuit for those with lower limb and incontinence problems.
Bip Bip sanitary pyjamas are made to have useful characteristics for those who spend a lot of time in bed without the possibility of movement and at the same time are looking for an elegant and discreet garment to spend their time in hospital or in bed in comfort.
The pyjamas are made of lightweight 100% combed cotton jersey fabric that is strong and light and guarantees a pleasant sensation of freshness and breathability in all seasons. The pyjamas are available in various men's and women's colours.