pigiama in fresco cotone

€ 47,00

Cardigan da uomo con collo

€ 72,00

Uomo Serafino corto in fresco cotone

€ 36,00

Uomo Cardigan con collo in fresco cotone

€ 44,00

Uomo cardigan orlato in fresco cotone

€ 64,00

Uomo serafino in cotone makò

€ 62,00

Uomo Cardigan con Collo in Tessuto Navetta

€ 86,00

Uomo Cardigan con Collo Orlato in cotone makò

€ 68,00

uomo serafino orlato corto in fresco cotone

€ 36,00

uomo serafino con collo in fresco cotone

€ 41,00

pigiama uomo in flanella con collo a camicia e bottoni

€ 59,00

Uomo Serafino bordato in punto milano jacquard

€ 41,00

Underwear and nightwear Bip Bip for men: exclusive, refined and handcrafted.

Discover the wide selection of Bip Bip men's nightwear, from pajamas to robes, to accessories such as socks and pillows that will accompany your sleep. Bip Bip pajamas and nightwear are made with elegant shades and classic patterns such as tartan, plaid, striped and micro patterns in pure combed cotton. All creations are designed to have a distinct look while remaining comfortable.
The clothing you choose to go to bed is very important and deserves due attention: between the sheets you can rest and recharge from the stress of the day. Interpret your nights with style.
For the winter collections we make garments with the exclusive fabric called "Fiocco di Cotone", soft and warm for exceptional hours of rest. "Fiocco di Cotone" is a fabric that we at Bip Bip produce directly and entirely in Italy and for which we choose to mix cotton with a very low percentage of micro acrylic. This composition allows us to obtain garments that ensure comfort and wearability without compromising on aesthetics. Other garments are made of warm cotton and flannel.
For the summer collections we prefer products made with skin-friendly and hypoallergenic materials in cotton poplin, Egyptian linen and silk for a fresh and light sleep in the hottest nights.
Don't miss the extremely comfortable functional garments with exclusive micro designs on jersey and Interlock fabrics, sophisticated geometric and multicolor jacquards. Each season you will find a collection of quality cotton models, with simple lines, comfortable and high fit.
The garments are not just pajamas, but homewear to wear throughout the day. Stand out from the others and go beyond the banality by wearing your pajamas even to go out with a pair of sneakers!
Discover the men's nightshirt Bip Bip: softness and comfort characterize the line to give freshness, functionality and a different way of living sleepwear. Those who love extreme comfort, without wanting to give up the elegance of color, finish, pattern, can choose from different models from casual to classic, creating a timeless personal style, suitable for any age.
In addition, on our online shop you can find special collections signed Bonjour &Bonne Nuit and Pier Mori's designed directly by Cristina Novati, owner of the brand Bip Bip and creative creator of most of the items: temporary collections made to stand out from the banality and have a simple and discreet look but refined as a true luxury garment.